About Me

Hello everyone
Thanks for visiting my little spot on the web
Here you can find all you want about me
But I simply suggest you click on any of the social media links above
and visit my social media pages
I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning about me visually

But before you do that
I’ll introduce myself
My name is Jesse Estrada
I’m a single (full-time) father to #myprincessbutterkup who just turned 6
Born and raised in Southern California, yes California native
I’m here to provide caring and compassionate intuitive guidance to help lead you
into the amazing and more fulfilling lives that you’re intended to live
I know we all deal with things at times
And in those times it’s nice to have more than a friend to rely on
So with that said
I’m always available, day and night
And I’m always here for you

Talk to you soon.

PH: (949) 973-5753
Yes that’s my real number
And you may text me as well